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Fahrer Schallschutztechnik AG - Industrial Soundproofing

At the end of the 1980s, Fahrer, a firm of sheet metal workers and fitters with a long tradition, received an enquiry from a famous Swiss watchmaker to develop an efficient yet compact and practical machine housing. No commercially available products were able to satisfy its requirements.

The small team in the fitters shop gladly accepted this challenge and in very little time had designed a prototype. The test results were astonishing right from the start, resulting in a big order from the watchmakers. Nowadays all the automatic punching machines of this company are enclosed in MASTER cabins from Fahrer.

In 1993, Fahrer Schallschutztechnik AG was founded, and in 1995 they moved into urgently needed new manufacturing premises. Within a very short space of time, Fahrer had successfully established itself as the most specialised and in fact the leading company in Europe for industrial soundproofing.

Two design principles are responsible for this success:

MASTER soundproof cabins, which are manufactured specifically to suit customer requirements according to their own design principle or even as one-off, custom-built units.

The machine enclosures in the Economy line, which are standardised, have a modular design and come in various sizes.

Fahrer's services include the following
  • Evaluation
  • Conception / CAD layout
  • Design and fabrication of machine enclosures, 100% SWISS MADE
  • CE-compliant designs and equipment
  • Special designs for peripheral equipment, e.g. punching trolleys and parts washing units
  • Installation and maintenance


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